While you're waiting for Two to Tango...

While you're waiting for Kelly: Two To Tango, the next Holiday Hotwives book, why don't you check my new book out? I’ve never written short stories. My tales of cuckolded husbands and horny hotwives have traditionally been long-form, my preferred length of story because I like the long, slow build-up; I like having the real estate of pages upon which to develop my characters, backdrops, backstories and to gradually raise the stakes and the sexual tension before the inevitable crazy (admittedly sometimes OTT) endings. However, I was being asked for short stories. I was being asked for more in general, and when you’re writing (and planning and editing) books at 30-40-50,000 words, it’s hard to just do more . I chose to publish my short stories on Medium, to see how they’d be received and to my delight (and genuine surprise), people enjoyed them. In fact, they enjoyed them so much and they were so well read, that I decided it would be a shame to just leave them on Medium. Just as

What's next?

The last three months have been busy for yours truly, with three new books and several other projects going on in the background, one of which included a whirlwind trip to New York, which was a blast, but you might be wondering... What's next? If all goes to plan, September will see two new books, the first being the long-awaited second book in the Holiday Hotwives series. Kelly: Takes Two To Tango. Here's an early glimpse at the cover. The Holiday Hotwives series is my primary focus moving forward. I have six stories planned out and there might even be two more, depending on how well received the series is. Book 3 in the series is scheduled for a late October release, followed by a very special Christmas-themed story which will serve as a spin-off from the main stories. More on that book very soon! It's an exciting project that I have lined up and is going to be something totally new for me. After ' Kelly ', I'm going to be doing something else different - a bu

The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't is out now!

Hey everyone, My newest book, 'The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't,' is out now on Amazon. Go check it out! Paul and Jen are a happily married couple living a simple suburban life until a new family moves in down the street. The family's son, Ronnie, turns up one sunny day, offering to help out with gardening but Jen has other plans for the handsome mixed-race young man. While their flirtations turn more intense, things take another unexpected twist when she discovers that his father is an ex-boyfriend of hers... the man she considers 'the one that got away.' Will she continue to pursue the good-looking Ronnie, or will she turn her attention to the second chance she might have with her old flame? Or will she take both opportunities? Her husband, Paul, can only look on in amazement as Jen explores her sexuality right in front of his eyes... literally. The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't is a 49,000-word book featu

A Size Queen Story, both parts available now!

Have you read 'A Size Queen Story' yet? Both parts are now available on Amazon and other good eBook stores. Check it out today! The link is Next Friday, my next,  new book is out - watch for more details next week!

Hard Feelings: A Size Queen Story Part 2 is out now!

My new book, "Hard Feelings", the second part to a Size Queen Story which started with "Great Lengths" is out now on Amazon, B&N, Nook, Smashwords and should be on Apple Books next week. If you enjoyed the first instalment, hopefully you'll enjoy this one! There's a few twists and turns and surprises along the way as we continue Josh and Mabel's journey of discovery. Check it out by clicking this link  and let me know if you want a sequel! Next up is "The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't" my Medium serial which I'll publish once it's completed on Medium and then we're going back to the Azure View Hotel for the second Holiday Hotwives story. Take care everyone and keep an eye out for new updates from me very soon! Paul

Great Lengths is OUT NOW!

My newest book, 'Great Lengths' is out now! It's part 1 of my new 'A Size Queen Story' series and part 2 will be out later this month. Told from the husband's POV, this #cuckolding tale is about what happens when a guy discovers his wife is a secret #sizequeen who gets turned on by well-endowed guys with big dicks and where their relationship goes after he finds out. Get it today! And if you enjoy the book, be sure to leave me a review or star-rating! Thank you! Paul

Going into great lengths about Great Lengths.

Hi everyone. Before I drop Great Lengths, A Size Queen Story Part 1, on you all, I thought I should talk a little bit about it and fill you in on some other things that are also happening with me at the moment. I intended Great Lengths to be a 16k-20k length short/novella to fill in the gap between my first two Holiday Hotwives books, but to coin a Tolkien phrase, the story grew in the telling and it's currently sitting at 51k words and it's still not quite done yet. So, I made the decision to split it into separate parts and as it stands it will be a two-parter, making it a departure from the norm for me with all of my books being standalone. Even the trilogies that I did, the Photographer's Secret Portfolio and Tales of the Black Cat Club could be read standalone in their own right, despite having an overarching story. So this is a two-part story and reading part one will be essential before reading part two but that's not the only departure. You'll notice it'