Hard Feelings: A Size Queen Story Part 2 is out now!

My new book, "Hard Feelings", the second part to a Size Queen Story which started with "Great Lengths" is out now on Amazon, B&N, Nook, Smashwords and should be on Apple Books next week. If you enjoyed the first instalment, hopefully you'll enjoy this one! There's a few twists and turns and surprises along the way as we continue Josh and Mabel's journey of discovery. Check it out by clicking this link  and let me know if you want a sequel! Next up is "The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't" my Medium serial which I'll publish once it's completed on Medium and then we're going back to the Azure View Hotel for the second Holiday Hotwives story. Take care everyone and keep an eye out for new updates from me very soon! Paul

Great Lengths is OUT NOW!

My newest book, 'Great Lengths' is out now! It's part 1 of my new 'A Size Queen Story' series and part 2 will be out later this month. Told from the husband's POV, this #cuckolding tale is about what happens when a guy discovers his wife is a secret #sizequeen who gets turned on by well-endowed guys with big dicks and where their relationship goes after he finds out. Get it today! And if you enjoy the book, be sure to leave me a review or star-rating! Thank you! Paul

Going into great lengths about Great Lengths.

Hi everyone. Before I drop Great Lengths, A Size Queen Story Part 1, on you all, I thought I should talk a little bit about it and fill you in on some other things that are also happening with me at the moment. I intended Great Lengths to be a 16k-20k length short/novella to fill in the gap between my first two Holiday Hotwives books, but to coin a Tolkien phrase, the story grew in the telling and it's currently sitting at 51k words and it's still not quite done yet. So, I made the decision to split it into separate parts and as it stands it will be a two-parter, making it a departure from the norm for me with all of my books being standalone. Even the trilogies that I did, the Photographer's Secret Portfolio and Tales of the Black Cat Club could be read standalone in their own right, despite having an overarching story. So this is a two-part story and reading part one will be essential before reading part two but that's not the only departure. You'll notice it'
Just a quick update... 'Great Lengths' is still my next book but it's now a two-parter. Part 1 will be out hopefully next week sometime, with part 2 following a couple of weeks after that. After that, Kelly takes centre stage in the second Holiday Hotwives book, 'Kelly: Takes Two To Tango.' Until then, you can follow my serial story, 'The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't' on Medium. We're up to part 5 now, with a new part every week. Check the first part out for free here. Future books include another 'Size Queen Story' and the third Holiday Hotwives book, both currently untitled but I'll update later in the year on those. I already have strong outlines written for them and can't wait to write them. Writing has been slow on the erotica front because of developments in my vanilla writing career but we're getting to where I want to be now, so keep an eye out for more books and updates coming soon! I hope you're all keeping w

Cover Reveal for my next book! "Great Lengths"

Hey everyone, I hope you're all keeping well! Coming soon is my next book, the first in my 'Size Queen Stories' mini-series, titled Great Lengths . No release date yet as I'm still working on it but here's the cover reveal for you. After that will be the second book in the Holiday Hotwives series but in the meantime, I'll also be publishing a short serial story on my Medium page - 'The One That Got Away, Until He Didn't.' My Medium page is here:  - give me a follow, it'll really help me out and it's free!

Tina: Taking One For The Team... OUT NOW!

I'm happy to announce the release of my latest book, Tina: Taking One For The Team, available now on Amazon Kindle. It's the first book in a brand new series from me: Holiday Hotwives, a set of standalone stories based around couples exploring their sexualities while staying at a very special hotel in Italy. Next up from me is both the second in the series and also the first book in my other new 2022 series: Size Queen Stories. More information and a cover real on that very soon! In the meantime, enjoy the story of Tina and Joe and be sure to leave me a review or get in touch with your feedback. I always appreciate hearing from my readers. Paul

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