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Cover Reveal Coming Soon

What do we think to cover reveals, before the actual book release? Does it build hype? Is it worth doing? Thoughts?

Why the stigma around polygamy?

In today’s day and age, where equality and rights are at the forefront of so many movements across the world, and where people are gradually becoming more tolerant of sexuality, race and gender, why is our ‘liberal’ society still so judgemental about polygamous relationships? It’s drummed into us from a young age, that a ‘good’ relationship consists of two people, committed to each other and forsaking all others. The Bible specifically teaches us that a one man - one woman relationship is the godly way and that anything but that will incur God’s wrath. Our Christian marriage vows state this, promising to be faithful to each other until ‘death do us part’ but does ‘faithfulness’ really pertain to sexual exclusivity, or is it really just being worthy of the faith and trust that your partner puts in you? Wedding vows often had, until recently, the promise of one partner to ‘obey’ the other, which has been cut out by many, and of course, we’ve seen the extension of marriages to same-sex co

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The Photo Shoot now available!

The third No Angels novel is now out - on Amazon for Kindle. Check it out! I'd love to hear from you as to what you'd like me to publish next - do you have any particular themes that you like? Let me know. I'm working on two new books, both to be published in October, so watch out for those.

Coming soon

Coming soon from Paul Garland... October 2018 - get ready for THE PHOTO SHOOT (the extended edition), the third NO ANGELS novel. I'm also working on the next P. B. Garland story for Cerulean Erotica Presents - provisionally entitled THE BAD CROWD, it's the story of how far a couple will go when they get involved with a group of criminals, in order to get rich. Expect it in late October 2018, after the Photo Shoot. For more information, feel free to email me.