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A teaser for you

If you're into hotwife stories or stag/vixen/cuckold relationships in general, check out my eBooks - I guarantee you'll enjoy them! # erotica # eroticaauthors # cuckold # hotwife  

New covers coming soon!

While I'm waiting for my new book, "The Bad Crowd" to be released, I've been working on improving some of the manuscripts and covers of my current books. This is the new cover for 'Dawn's Dark Desires.' What do you think? The other two books getting new covers are "What Would You Do?" and "A Seduction in Sorrento." I'll be previewing them on here soon!

New book time!

I'm proud to announce that A Friend In Need, my new Cerulean Erotica Presents eBook is now available on Amazon Kindle. Go and buy it now! As always any feedback or reviews are welcome. My next book, The Bad Crowd, should be out end of this week or beginning of next, so keep an eye out for that too. Enjoy!

Cover reveal

The cover reveal of my new book coming this week - A FRIEND IN NEED. Launch details following soon!

Almost there!

To keep all you horny fans updated, my two new books, The Bad Crowd and A Friend In Need are both in the final stages of production and should be available in the next few days, so watch this space... The Bad Crowd is the story of a husband and wife who get involved in a not-entirely-legitimate family business, and get drawn in a little further than intended, to the point where his wife becomes the centre of attention for the big boss and head of the company. When an offer is made that the couple can't refuse, difficult decisions have to be made and then things take a very unexpected twist. A Friend in Need is an exploration of what happens when a wife's childhood sweetheart comes back into her life, and challenges her feelings about both her marriage and her past. As soon as the two books are available, I'll announce it on here and my other social media channels. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, if you don't already!

My first cover reveal!

The cover reveal. I hope you like the design - feedback welcome! Cerulean Erotica presents... THE BAD CROWD by Paul Garland Coming soon on Amazon for Kindle.