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My first new book for 2019 - out next week!

What do we think to the cover of my new book, "Beth and her Boss"? There's been a slight scheduling change, so the ordering of the 4 (yes, 4) books I have coming out over the next month or so is different to how I originally planned it, but I'm sure you going to love the new stuff... Let me know your thoughts!

I'm on Soundcloud

While I'm finishing editing my three new books - check out a sample of my audiobook version of The School Reunion on Soundcloud. The entire First Chapter is completely free to listen to, so go check it out!

The School Reunion by Paul Garland - video chapter sample


Please support me on Patreon!

I've set up a Patreon page! It's only a minimum of $1 to support me and my writing, so please consider joining up! For your money, you get information on upcoming books, cover reveals in advance, FREE STORIES and bonus chapters and just for fun, I create cuckold and hotwife caption photos to give you daily or weekly new content. Please join up and help me get my Patreon page up and running! It's $1 a month, that's all! It'd mean a lot - thank you! Here's a sample of one of my cuckold caption pics... I create these and post them on my various social media sites, but my Patreon has exclusive ones that you won't see anywhere else.

The reason for my delaying the new book revealed!

I'm releasing my first audiobook! The School Reunion is now available for you to download and listen to (almost 6 hours of erotic fun!) on right now! And it'll be available through Amazon and iTunes sometime over the next few days. The link is here: Audible is really good value at £7.99 a month for unlimited listening, or you can just buy and download the book. I've found listening to audiobooks is a TOTALLY different experience to reading - give it a try. Watch this space for news on 3 (yes, 3) new books coming from me soon!