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New books are coming!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologise for the delays on the new books but they ARE coming soon! My laptop crashed and died and while the local repair shop did their best to save it, it was terminal. Bye bye, laptop. You served me well for the last 5 years! Anyway, we got ourselves a new laptop and then our internet went down! One thing after another... But we're back up and running and writing and editing and the new books are done and in the pipeline for publication, so keep an eye out for them this week. I'll have an exact release date in the next couple of days. I hope your all keeping safe and well, Paul
Hey everyone, just to let you know I've pushed back the release dates for my next two books because of a few logistical problems (my laptop died) so Camera Shy will now be out March 18th and Access Denied on March 31st. Thanks for your patience, I promise the books are worth the wait! Coming soon...