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My new 'No Angels' novel is now out and live on Amazon: KATIE'S CASTING CALL. This book took A LOT of writing and rewriting as it was a story type that took me out of my comfort zone and went to a totally different place while writing it than I intended at the start. I hope you like it. Click here to see and read more!

Inside your wife's mind

I really enjoy some of the posts from The Cuckold Consultant and thought I'd share a couple of them here. Let me know your thoughts below! The 4 Pre-Cuckolding/Pre-Hotwifing Stages Every Woman Goes Through Before She Cucks Her Husband There are a lot of different paths couples actually take when they go from having a strictly monogamous relationship to introducing cuckolding or hotwifing into their lives. In each of those paths though, there’s one thing that shows itself to be fairly constant, and it has to do with the mental stages a woman passes through before actually cuckolding her man or becoming a hotwife. That’s because behavioural change follows a fairly predictable model which psychology has demonstrated, and this process follows that model. For the large majority of women, more often than not, this is a process–not an event. Processes are series of events that take place over time, aren’t necessarily linear, and are affected by multiple factors. Events are single