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We're loving being a rescue cat family!

Adopting our first rescue cat and welcoming him into our family has been such a wonderful experience that we've decided to become a foster home for other rescue cats, looking after them temporarily until the charity can find them a new forever home. If anyone can help us out by buying a little bit from our Amazon wishlist, it would really help us set everything up that we need. The wishlist is here: Don't worry about buying something that someone else has already bought, once we no longer need the item, Amazon automatically remove it. Thank you in advance! News on new books coming VERY soon! Paul (and Bob and Tiny)

Meet Bob

On Monday this week, we adopted a cat from a local rescue. He's quite nervous and jumpy at the moment, but he's settling in gradually. I'm hoping a new pet will bring us a bit of joy at home after the dreadful last few months me and my family have been through. Say hi to Bob. He's handsome, isn't he? If you'd like to help us and Bob, feel free to buy him a treat from my Amazon Wishlist here: Bob's Wishlist Anything you buy gets deleted from the list and is sent to me anonymously, so don't worry about buying the same thing someone else has bought or your details being shared. I'd love it if anyone could help Bob settle in. News on my new books coming soon - did you see my new logo on Twitter the other day? If not, here it is. What do you think? It should give you a hint as the content of my next book :) Anyhow, just thought I'd keep you all updated. I hope you're all keeping well and avoiding the dread Covid (which I caught but am over now - a