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My new Hallowe'en special book: Tracy's Trick or Treat - is OUT NOW! Sorry to spam new books at your but all the writing I did over lockdown is coming to fruition. I hope it's not too much to keep up with! Click here to find it on your favourite digital bookstore:
My new No Angels novel: Sara's Shocking Secret is OUT NOW on Amazon for Kindle devices and the Kindle app. Go check it out !  

October line-up in image form!

 Here's the rest of the line-up for October - in image form!

My new book is out now!

The Cat That Got The Cream is my first No Angels Short (18k words long, not that short) and is a standalone book, despite being a spin-off from 'The Bad Crowd', the 4th No Angels novel. It's also the first in a trilogy of shorts, entitled 'The Tales of the Black Cats Club,' a location from the aforementioned book. I hope you enjoy it - I've set it at a low price point as an experiment with my shorter books - and would love to hear your feedback. It's available from your favourite digital eBook store here !

Update on forthcoming titles from Paul Garland

Hey everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I just thought I'd update you with a list of my forthcoming books and their anticipated release dates for the rest of 2020. It's been an interesting year to say the least and I've stepped up my writing significantly in the last couple of months due to having more time on my hands and I hope to increase my writing productivity more next year. Here's what's coming to Amazon Kindle (and some other bookstores too) soon! October 13th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #1: The Cat That Got The Cream (A No Angels Short) 25th - Sara's Shocking Secret (A No Angels Novel) 30th - Tracey's Trick Or Treat (A Sexy Seasonal Short) November (dates are approximate) 14th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #2: Cat Got Your Tongue? (A No Angels Short) 28th - The Cuckold Collection: Dark Curiosity December (dates are approximate) 10th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #3: Cat And Mouse (A No Angels Short) 20th - Untitled (A

The Long, Violent Literary History of Calling Someone a “Cuck”

The Long, Violent Literary History of Calling Someone a “Cuck” From the Trojan War to Shakespeare, the oft-ridiculed archetype has always had much darker implications. Will Smith's apparent cuckoldry made him a target of derision on the internet earlier this year Three goddesses stood before a young man, naked. They wore nothing but promised him everything. Well, actually, they each promised him one thing: a potent bribe. The stakes had never been higher. This was, after all, the world’s first beauty contest. Goddess number one appealed to the young man’s ambition. If he crowned her most beautiful, she would give him control of Europe and Asia. Goddess number two offered unlimited knowledge. If the young man chose her, he would become the wisest mortal in the world. The third goddess possessed neither the power of the first nor the intelligence of the second. But she had something her peers lacked: a preternatural understanding of the male libido. As she leaned over the young man,