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The new book is almost out!

My new book is coming this week - can't wait for you all to read it!

Understanding Cuckolding

I read an interesting article by a fellow called C. Richards and adapted it to further add my understanding to it. The common understanding of the term 'cuckold' is a man who gets aroused by watching his wife have sex with other men without taking part himself. Cuckolding occurs when a married woman has a sexual encounter with another man with her husband’s full knowledge and consent. She does it because it makes him aroused and reputedly because he is inadequate in bed himself. I've been both a cuckold and a bull in the past, through two solid relationships (one ongoing) and although I understand the humiliation idea, there are several other motivations why some men, including myself, enjoy watching their wives or girlfriends have sex with other men. Look at the traditional meaning of the word 'cuckold': Many people have a vague idea that a cuckold is a term of mockery, but whereas the term may have meant that in the past, a lot of couples use the cuckolding