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My new book is out now!

Just a quick note to let you know that 'Hannah's Helping Hands' is out now on Amazon and most good digital eBook stores. It's slightly different from my usual stories, but I'll be going back to those topics in my next book, which I'll have news on VERY soon. Keep an eye out for that. In other news, I've been battling the dreaded covid.19 this week but the good news is that I seem to be through the worst of it today and will be knuckling back down to doing some writing this weekend. I hope you guys are all keeping well and managing (unlike me) to avoid the cursed bug.

My new cover reveal and an update

It's been a very bad month for me and my family, beset by several tragedies, the worst being a family close to us all passing away in tragic circumstances, then I've had a bout of ill health, followed by our little cat passing away. To top it all off, I've caught Covid and am currently working from my bed, coughing and spluttering but managing to power through. So, it makes me happy to reveal the cover of my next book... Hannah's Helping Hands. This book is slightly different to some of my previous stories, being a 'coming of age' type story with a naughty, slightly kinky twist to it. I hope you like it. It's available already on Smashwords and will be on Amazon from October 21 at the latest. Keep an eye out for it. If anyone wants to cheer me or family up, check out my Amazon Wishlist and feel free to buy me or my daughters a little gift but if not, don't worry - your support by buying my books is appreciated too.

I want your opinion!

  A new poll for you I've just run a poll on Twitter asking which of the Cuckold Collection books you'd like me to do a spin-off from. Here's the link:   I'd love your opinion. If you're not on Twitter, drop me a comment here instead!