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Cover Reveal

As teased yesterday, here's the cover reveal for my new book, coming very soon: 'Size Matters.' More information to follow very soon. Hope you're all having a great day!

New Books Incoming!

So a silver lining to this enforced lockdown has been that I've had more time to write and work on future books and business projects and I've now got 10 new books that I'm working on and which will be coming out sometime this year as they're all in decent states of completion. The 'Cerelean Erotica Presents' series is done at 6 books (for now) and No Angels series is coming to an end (for now) with book 6: Sarah's Shocking Secret, so I'm getting ready to move to a new rebrand for my books with a new look and 2 brand new series of books (also planned out for a 6 books each.) My first new book isn't Sarah's Shocking Secret (that's a little further away than some of the others) but is instead the first of a new series called 'The Cuckold Collection' - a story which has gone through a couple of different iterations and working titles, namely 'A Matter of Inches' and 'Matters of Size.' However, I've settled on the

Why do some men want to see their wives have sex with other men?

There are dozens of studies on the subject and several books written exploring the psychology of it, but I personally don’t think there is one single reason that covers everyone who shares the way you’re feeling. One take on it is what I call the ‘personal pornstar’ idea. People like porn, right? We like to see others having sex. We usually like to see attractive people have sex. An attractive person relates to someone you like, and quite often, who do you find attractive and like more than anyone else in the world? Your wife. So, in this particular theory, you enjoy seeing your wife have sex because it’s porn - tailored to exactly your tastes and likes. There are other more biological and evolutionary factors that some sexual psychologists insist are the reason behind cuckolding being enjoyable for some men. We have built into us a need to procreate and to send forward our DNA by copulating and creating offspring. But what if we think our own DNA isn’t as strong as others? What