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New Ways of Following Me and Supporting Me

If you enjoy my writing or my caption pics, I now have a lot of different social media pages and creator pages online, some of which you might not even know about! I decided to use All My Links as a way of keeping track of them and letting my friends online know about all the ways they can follow me and support me. Click the link  to go to my All My Links page and follow me anywhere that you don't already! I hope you guys and girls are all keeping well and watch this space for an announcement on my new books coming soon!

Buy me a coffee!

Hey everyone, I hope (as always) that you're keeping safe and well in these troubled times. I'm currently working on two new books, which I'll share more information on soon, along with a preview chapter or two. They're not quite ready for sharing yet as they're in the formative stages, but hopefully I'll have my next book out by mid-to-late-August! In the meantime, if you want to support me at all - I'm trying to renovate my spare room into a proper writing office, but it's difficult in these hard economic times - so I've set up a fun Ko-Fi page! You can literally support me by buying me a coffee (donation) through this link - every bit helps. Thanks in advance, and I'll have an update later this week about the books!