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New books update

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd drop a quick blogpost to update you on the forthcoming book, Ex-Appeal. It's the second of six books in 'The Cuckold Collection' series - they're all standalone novels but they all tie into each other in a certain way. When you read 'Ex-Appeal' you should notice a crossover chapter with 'Size Matters', the first book in the series. I'm hoping to have the book out before the end of June and from there on, I should be publishing one book a month, focusing on The Cuckold Collection books for the most part, but also the new (and final) No Angels Erotic Novel will be making an appearance in-between sometime. Just a little reminder that if you enjoy my work, as well as buying my books, feel free to treat me to something from my Amazon Wishlist or support me on Patreon (from just £1) to see some insights and extras from my books alongside some other benefits. I hope you're all keeping safe and well and I hope to hear

If you want to support me...

Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Just a quick post to let you know that if you want to support me (very cheaply), please join up to my Patreon page. From only £1 a month, you get a weekly exclusive captioned picture, updates on my latest books, sample chapters, secret epilogues, dates on my forthcoming books and offers on Amazon - so please, join up if you want to support me. I'll have more news soon on my next book, The Cuckold Collection #2, called Ex-Appeal very soon. You can already read the first 2 chapters on my Patreon site.