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Goodbye to 2020, Hello to 2021...

It's almost the end of what has undeniably been a pretty bad year for most people. I won't start some sort of diatribe against Covid.19 or how Brexit has affected us Brits - that's been done to death by everyone else - but I thought it would be fun to have a quick look back on 2020 as far as my books went and a quick update on what's new from Paul Garland coming in 2021. My first book of 2020, published in February, was Katie's Casting Call , the fifth and penultimate (for now) book in the No Angels main series. With this last story, I tried to do something different (as I like to do) and wrote a book about a young man getting cuckolded before his relationship was even properly established. This was probably the first erotica I've written which opened my mind to trying some new stories and perhaps moving away from the more commonly written tropes. It was also a first proper spin-off story, being connected to the events of The Photo Shoot , one of the earlier No

My new book, 'A Cuckold Christmas Carol' is out now!

Hi everyone. I have a Christmas surprise for you! I'm delighted to launch my new book (just) in time for Christmas, so I hope you'll pick up a copy and enjoy the festive season with a sexy story of mine. A Cuckold Christmas Carol is my retelling of the Charles Dickens classic, only (of course) with a cuckold twist that is sure to fizz up your fantasies with some foxy, festive fun! Available on Amazon today (December 21) and other eBook retailers between now and Christmas, be sure to pick up your copy of A Cuckold Christmas Carol!

'Cat and Mouse' is out NOW!

The third Tale of the Black Cats Club: "Cat And Mouse: A No Angels Short" is now live from your favourite eBook retailer (Apple. Kobo might be a couple of days) so if you enjoyed the previous two Tales; 'The Cat That Got The Cream' and 'Cat Got Your Tongue' go and check it out! The book explores the story of Jess, Mel's friend from 'The Cat That Got The Cream' through the eyes of Ben, her new boyfriend. It was a lot of fun to write his perspective as he slowly learns the truth about Jess, after initially thinking she was just a simple cleaner, in a similar tale to Mel's husband John, but Ben's story turns out to be different because Jess is nothing like her best friend. You don't need to have read either of the previous two Tales of The Black Cats Club, all three are standalone stories but interconnected - even though they are best read in their intended order to get the best possible story out of the se