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New book now available on Amazon!

The first of my three new books it OUT NOW on Amazon for Kindle. Check it out!

Sorry about the delay - new books (plural) coming very soon!

Due to travelling, other work and writing commitments, my new books have been rather delayed, but fear not - I've got three new works all completed and in the editing stages. Here's a cover teaser of one of them! More information following shortly - prices and release dates imminent!

The new book is almost out!

My new book is coming this week - can't wait for you all to read it!

Understanding Cuckolding

I read an interesting article by a fellow called C. Richards and adapted it to further add my understanding to it. The common understanding of the term 'cuckold' is a man who gets aroused by watching his wife have sex with other men without taking part himself. Cuckolding occurs when a married woman has a sexual encounter with another man with her husband’s full knowledge and consent. She does it because it makes him aroused and reputedly because he is inadequate in bed himself. I've been both a cuckold and a bull in the past, through two solid relationships (one ongoing) and although I understand the humiliation idea, there are several other motivations why some men, including myself, enjoy watching their wives or girlfriends have sex with other men. Look at the traditional meaning of the word 'cuckold': Many people have a vague idea that a cuckold is a term of mockery, but whereas the term may have meant that in the past, a lot of couples use the cuckolding

Which one is your favourite?

Here are my nine books currently available on Amazon Kindle. If you've read any or all of them, which one is your favourite?

Beth and her Boss - brand new from Paul Garland

My first new book of the year is out now on Amazon for Kindle! If you're into stories about cuckolding, hotwives and what happens when your head-turning wife turns the head of her handsome, wealthy boss during a time when finances are difficult at home - then this is the book for you! More new books coming soon - watch out for news coming VERY soon!

My first new book for 2019 - out next week!

What do we think to the cover of my new book, "Beth and her Boss"? There's been a slight scheduling change, so the ordering of the 4 (yes, 4) books I have coming out over the next month or so is different to how I originally planned it, but I'm sure you going to love the new stuff... Let me know your thoughts!

I'm on Soundcloud

While I'm finishing editing my three new books - check out a sample of my audiobook version of The School Reunion on Soundcloud. The entire First Chapter is completely free to listen to, so go check it out!

The School Reunion by Paul Garland - video chapter sample


Please support me on Patreon!

I've set up a Patreon page! It's only a minimum of $1 to support me and my writing, so please consider joining up! For your money, you get information on upcoming books, cover reveals in advance, FREE STORIES and bonus chapters and just for fun, I create cuckold and hotwife caption photos to give you daily or weekly new content. Please join up and help me get my Patreon page up and running! It's $1 a month, that's all! It'd mean a lot - thank you! Here's a sample of one of my cuckold caption pics... I create these and post them on my various social media sites, but my Patreon has exclusive ones that you won't see anywhere else.

The reason for my delaying the new book revealed!

I'm releasing my first audiobook! The School Reunion is now available for you to download and listen to (almost 6 hours of erotic fun!) on right now! And it'll be available through Amazon and iTunes sometime over the next few days. The link is here: Audible is really good value at £7.99 a month for unlimited listening, or you can just buy and download the book. I've found listening to audiobooks is a TOTALLY different experience to reading - give it a try. Watch this space for news on 3 (yes, 3) new books coming from me soon!

A few things...

Hi everyone, Just a quick blog post to let you know that The Bad Crowd is now available on Kindle Unlimited, and that if you check my books on Amazon, there are a few free book and discounted deals happening over the next few weeks, so watch out for them. The new books have all been slightly delayed due to a new project which I'll be announcing on here any time now! Finally, join my Patreon! It's only a few pounds a month and you'll get access to exclusive chapters, free stories and some fun cuckold caption pictures to keep you entertained in-between! Also add me on Twitter (@eroticapaul), Facebook (Paul Garland Erotica) and Instagram (PaulGarlandErotica) to keep abreast of the latest news and other fun hotwife-themed content. Thanks for following along - more info on new books and the new project soon!!!! Paul 

Cover reveal

Here's the new cover! Details of release date to follow soon! Feedback welcome!

Cover reveal and sneak peek!

I just posted the cover reveal (and new title) of my forthcoming book on my Patreon, along with a sneak peek in the form of the new chapter. Have a look here - More information coming soon, including release date, and news on the next two books!

New book cover coming this week!

I'm hoping to have a release date and cover reveal this week, for my newest book, so watch this space, but until then, have you read all of my books released so far? If so, which one is your favourite?

Free this weekend only!

I thought I'd drop a special January offer! I hope you enjoy it!