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All My Books (and forthcoming works)

  Books By Paul Garland The No Angels Series: The School Reunion   Dawn’s Dark Desires   The Photo Shoot   The Bad Crowd Katie’s Casting Call Sara’s Shocking Secret (coming next) The No Angels Bundle 1 (coming soon) The No Angels Bundle 2 (coming soon) The No Angels Shorts Series: Tales of the Black Cats Club: #1: The Cat That Got The Cream (coming soon) #2: Cat Got Your Tongue? (coming soon) The Cuckold Collection Series: Size Matters Ex Appeal Dark Curiosity (coming soon) Locked Up (coming soon) Access Denied (coming soon) Cleaning Up (coming soon) The Cerulean Erotica Presents Series: The Dream Holiday Nightmare   What Would You Do? A Seduction in Sorrento A Friend in Need Beth and her Boss Costa Del Cuck The Complete 6-Book Bundle

I can finally reveal...

 I can finally reveal one of my new 'secret' projects - my first erotic short, coming soon to Amazon Kindle. A No Angels Erotic Short - it's the first in a spin-off series to my No Angels Books. Tales of the Black Cats Club: The Cat That Got The Cream - more information to follow soon!

Cover Reveal for my new book!

 Here you go, guys - the cover and title of my new book! Coming end of September 2020... Sara's Shocking Secret, the 6th No Angels Novel.