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Goodbye to 2020, Hello to 2021...

It's almost the end of what has undeniably been a pretty bad year for most people. I won't start some sort of diatribe against Covid.19 or how Brexit has affected us Brits - that's been done to death by everyone else - but I thought it would be fun to have a quick look back on 2020 as far as my books went and a quick update on what's new from Paul Garland coming in 2021. My first book of 2020, published in February, was Katie's Casting Call , the fifth and penultimate (for now) book in the No Angels main series. With this last story, I tried to do something different (as I like to do) and wrote a book about a young man getting cuckolded before his relationship was even properly established. This was probably the first erotica I've written which opened my mind to trying some new stories and perhaps moving away from the more commonly written tropes. It was also a first proper spin-off story, being connected to the events of The Photo Shoot , one of the earlier No

My new book, 'A Cuckold Christmas Carol' is out now!

Hi everyone. I have a Christmas surprise for you! I'm delighted to launch my new book (just) in time for Christmas, so I hope you'll pick up a copy and enjoy the festive season with a sexy story of mine. A Cuckold Christmas Carol is my retelling of the Charles Dickens classic, only (of course) with a cuckold twist that is sure to fizz up your fantasies with some foxy, festive fun! Available on Amazon today (December 21) and other eBook retailers between now and Christmas, be sure to pick up your copy of A Cuckold Christmas Carol!

'Cat and Mouse' is out NOW!

The third Tale of the Black Cats Club: "Cat And Mouse: A No Angels Short" is now live from your favourite eBook retailer (Apple. Kobo might be a couple of days) so if you enjoyed the previous two Tales; 'The Cat That Got The Cream' and 'Cat Got Your Tongue' go and check it out! The book explores the story of Jess, Mel's friend from 'The Cat That Got The Cream' through the eyes of Ben, her new boyfriend. It was a lot of fun to write his perspective as he slowly learns the truth about Jess, after initially thinking she was just a simple cleaner, in a similar tale to Mel's husband John, but Ben's story turns out to be different because Jess is nothing like her best friend. You don't need to have read either of the previous two Tales of The Black Cats Club, all three are standalone stories but interconnected - even though they are best read in their intended order to get the best possible story out of the se

Dark Curiosity is OUT NOW!

My new book, Dark Curiosity, the latest in the Cuckold Collection is now available on Amazon. Check it out here: It's a hot and steamy 35k length story around the theme of interracial cuckolding and vacation sex, so if those topics do it for you - you should definitely check it out. My next book is the third No Angels short - Tales of the Black Cats Club: Cat and Mouse and hopefully, it'll be available around December 10, followed by my Christmas-themed short story the week afterwards. Anyway, I hope you're all keeping safe and well and look forward to hearing from some of you in my emails like always soon! Enjoy the new book!

How many of my new books have you read?

I've done so much new writing through lockdown that it's really satisfying to see all of my work coming to fruition and being published this last month, this coming month and in December too. You can find all of my books (well, most of them) here: More news to follow soon!

My new book 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is out today!

My new book, 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is out today! The second 'Tale of the Black Cats Club' is a standalone story, but is best read as a follow-up (prequel) to the first 'Tale': 'The Cat That Got The Cream' however it is a story in its own right and you don't have to read the first book to enjoy it! Check it out on your favourite digital book story by clicking here .  The 24,000 word long story follows Tim's journey as he is first seduced by his female boss and then led into the world of wife-sharing as she sets her eyes on Tim's partner, Fran, targeting her as her next conquest. The story has themes of cuckolding, hotwifing, pregnancy and more - pick it up today - if you're into any of the above, I guarantee you'll love it.
My new Hallowe'en special book: Tracy's Trick or Treat - is OUT NOW! Sorry to spam new books at your but all the writing I did over lockdown is coming to fruition. I hope it's not too much to keep up with! Click here to find it on your favourite digital bookstore:
My new No Angels novel: Sara's Shocking Secret is OUT NOW on Amazon for Kindle devices and the Kindle app. Go check it out !  

October line-up in image form!

 Here's the rest of the line-up for October - in image form!

My new book is out now!

The Cat That Got The Cream is my first No Angels Short (18k words long, not that short) and is a standalone book, despite being a spin-off from 'The Bad Crowd', the 4th No Angels novel. It's also the first in a trilogy of shorts, entitled 'The Tales of the Black Cats Club,' a location from the aforementioned book. I hope you enjoy it - I've set it at a low price point as an experiment with my shorter books - and would love to hear your feedback. It's available from your favourite digital eBook store here !

Update on forthcoming titles from Paul Garland

Hey everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I just thought I'd update you with a list of my forthcoming books and their anticipated release dates for the rest of 2020. It's been an interesting year to say the least and I've stepped up my writing significantly in the last couple of months due to having more time on my hands and I hope to increase my writing productivity more next year. Here's what's coming to Amazon Kindle (and some other bookstores too) soon! October 13th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #1: The Cat That Got The Cream (A No Angels Short) 25th - Sara's Shocking Secret (A No Angels Novel) 30th - Tracey's Trick Or Treat (A Sexy Seasonal Short) November (dates are approximate) 14th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #2: Cat Got Your Tongue? (A No Angels Short) 28th - The Cuckold Collection: Dark Curiosity December (dates are approximate) 10th - Tales of the Black Cats Club #3: Cat And Mouse (A No Angels Short) 20th - Untitled (A

The Long, Violent Literary History of Calling Someone a “Cuck”

The Long, Violent Literary History of Calling Someone a “Cuck” From the Trojan War to Shakespeare, the oft-ridiculed archetype has always had much darker implications. Will Smith's apparent cuckoldry made him a target of derision on the internet earlier this year Three goddesses stood before a young man, naked. They wore nothing but promised him everything. Well, actually, they each promised him one thing: a potent bribe. The stakes had never been higher. This was, after all, the world’s first beauty contest. Goddess number one appealed to the young man’s ambition. If he crowned her most beautiful, she would give him control of Europe and Asia. Goddess number two offered unlimited knowledge. If the young man chose her, he would become the wisest mortal in the world. The third goddess possessed neither the power of the first nor the intelligence of the second. But she had something her peers lacked: a preternatural understanding of the male libido. As she leaned over the young man,

All My Books (and forthcoming works)

  Books By Paul Garland The No Angels Series: The School Reunion   Dawn’s Dark Desires   The Photo Shoot   The Bad Crowd Katie’s Casting Call Sara’s Shocking Secret (coming next) The No Angels Bundle 1 (coming soon) The No Angels Bundle 2 (coming soon) The No Angels Shorts Series: Tales of the Black Cats Club: #1: The Cat That Got The Cream (coming soon) #2: Cat Got Your Tongue? (coming soon) The Cuckold Collection Series: Size Matters Ex Appeal Dark Curiosity (coming soon) Locked Up (coming soon) Access Denied (coming soon) Cleaning Up (coming soon) The Cerulean Erotica Presents Series: The Dream Holiday Nightmare   What Would You Do? A Seduction in Sorrento A Friend in Need Beth and her Boss Costa Del Cuck The Complete 6-Book Bundle

I can finally reveal...

 I can finally reveal one of my new 'secret' projects - my first erotic short, coming soon to Amazon Kindle. A No Angels Erotic Short - it's the first in a spin-off series to my No Angels Books. Tales of the Black Cats Club: The Cat That Got The Cream - more information to follow soon!

Cover Reveal for my new book!

 Here you go, guys - the cover and title of my new book! Coming end of September 2020... Sara's Shocking Secret, the 6th No Angels Novel.

New Ways of Following Me and Supporting Me

If you enjoy my writing or my caption pics, I now have a lot of different social media pages and creator pages online, some of which you might not even know about! I decided to use All My Links as a way of keeping track of them and letting my friends online know about all the ways they can follow me and support me. Click the link  to go to my All My Links page and follow me anywhere that you don't already! I hope you guys and girls are all keeping well and watch this space for an announcement on my new books coming soon!

Buy me a coffee!

Hey everyone, I hope (as always) that you're keeping safe and well in these troubled times. I'm currently working on two new books, which I'll share more information on soon, along with a preview chapter or two. They're not quite ready for sharing yet as they're in the formative stages, but hopefully I'll have my next book out by mid-to-late-August! In the meantime, if you want to support me at all - I'm trying to renovate my spare room into a proper writing office, but it's difficult in these hard economic times - so I've set up a fun Ko-Fi page! You can literally support me by buying me a coffee (donation) through this link - every bit helps. Thanks in advance, and I'll have an update later this week about the books!

Cerulean Erotica Presents Series now available as a bundle!

For anyone who hasn't read my 'Cerulean Erotica Presents' series, the first 6 books I wrote - you can now buy them in a money-saving bundle book on Amazon! Only £9.99/$9.99 for the compendium - check it out if you haven't already read them.

The Cuckold Collection #2: Ex Appeal - is now LIVE on Amazon!

Hi everyone - I hope you're all keeping safe and well and that maybe life is slowly beginning to return to normal for you - if not, hang in there! Good news! My new book, 'Ex-Appeal' is now LIVE on Amazon, so if you want some distraction from the depressing nature of the news at the moment, pick yourself a copy up today!

New books update

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd drop a quick blogpost to update you on the forthcoming book, Ex-Appeal. It's the second of six books in 'The Cuckold Collection' series - they're all standalone novels but they all tie into each other in a certain way. When you read 'Ex-Appeal' you should notice a crossover chapter with 'Size Matters', the first book in the series. I'm hoping to have the book out before the end of June and from there on, I should be publishing one book a month, focusing on The Cuckold Collection books for the most part, but also the new (and final) No Angels Erotic Novel will be making an appearance in-between sometime. Just a little reminder that if you enjoy my work, as well as buying my books, feel free to treat me to something from my Amazon Wishlist or support me on Patreon (from just £1) to see some insights and extras from my books alongside some other benefits. I hope you're all keeping safe and well and I hope to hear

If you want to support me...

Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Just a quick post to let you know that if you want to support me (very cheaply), please join up to my Patreon page. From only £1 a month, you get a weekly exclusive captioned picture, updates on my latest books, sample chapters, secret epilogues, dates on my forthcoming books and offers on Amazon - so please, join up if you want to support me. I'll have more news soon on my next book, The Cuckold Collection #2, called Ex-Appeal very soon. You can already read the first 2 chapters on my Patreon site.

Would you like yourself and your partner to feature in a book? Then read on...

Imagine a horny game where a number of couples are invited to an Italian villa for a unique holiday that they’ll never forget. Upon arriving, the couples are separated, the men going to one half of the complex and the women the other and from then on, they are only allowed to see each other for one hour each day. The game is described as being a test of relationships: to see if they can survive a week apart while being actually quite close together, however only the men know the real rules and what the competition truly entails. What the girls don’t know is that their half of the villa is covered in hidden cameras watching their every move as they are constantly bombarded by temptation in the forms of sexy strangers attempting to seduce them. These men are personally tailored by each husband’s given information on what his wife finds attractive, in order to truly test their wives’ resolve. In the male part of the complex, the husbands are watching together to see what happens. There ar

Ex-Appeal, first chapter preview

Ex Appeal By Paul Garland   A Cuckold Collection Novel All rights reserved by the Author. Contents copyright 2020 © Paul Garland and Cerulean Publishing Chapter 1 “This is so romantic,” Alexandria said to me and she was right. I wouldn’t consider myself the most romantic of men in the world, but here, walking along the Champs De Mars in Paris, the Eiffel Tower glowing ahead of us in the early evening sunlight, I could feel the fizzing energy in the air that could only be called romance. “It is,” I agreed, taking a step back for a moment to admire the view. The Champs De Mars was beautiful, a wide green space at the very heart of Paris, full of lovers, strolling along hand-in-hand, just like Alexandria and I. I let go of Alexandria’s hand for a moment and she turned around to see why. “You okay, Joe?” she smiled at me, dazzling me with that smile like she always did. Alexandria was beautiful, no one could dispute that. She was short and petite with a tight, slim body that drove me crazy