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Just a deal that I couldn't help sharing

Just a heads up - Amazon are doing a really good deal at the moment for Disney+, the streaming service with all the brilliant Marvel series and Star Wars shows. If you sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited for $10, you get six months (yes, 6 months) of Disney+ for FREE! Even if you don't use the music unlimited thing (which I do anyway on our Echo at home) that means you're still saving at least $$$$$$ on your Disney+ subscription. 6 months of Disney+ for £9.99? Sign me up. Oh wait, I did! Click the link below to read more! (There really are no catches or anything. Just a good promo offer you might not be aware of.) Amazon Music: Six Months of Disney+

Help me out by deciding on my next big series!

Hey guys. I'm running a public poll to see what people would like to see in my next brand new series. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a look and cast your vote. Thanks! It's public and free to vote. You don't have to join Patreon or anything.