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Dark Curiosity is OUT NOW!

My new book, Dark Curiosity, the latest in the Cuckold Collection is now available on Amazon. Check it out here: It's a hot and steamy 35k length story around the theme of interracial cuckolding and vacation sex, so if those topics do it for you - you should definitely check it out. My next book is the third No Angels short - Tales of the Black Cats Club: Cat and Mouse and hopefully, it'll be available around December 10, followed by my Christmas-themed short story the week afterwards. Anyway, I hope you're all keeping safe and well and look forward to hearing from some of you in my emails like always soon! Enjoy the new book!

How many of my new books have you read?

I've done so much new writing through lockdown that it's really satisfying to see all of my work coming to fruition and being published this last month, this coming month and in December too. You can find all of my books (well, most of them) here: More news to follow soon!

My new book 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is out today!

My new book, 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' is out today! The second 'Tale of the Black Cats Club' is a standalone story, but is best read as a follow-up (prequel) to the first 'Tale': 'The Cat That Got The Cream' however it is a story in its own right and you don't have to read the first book to enjoy it! Check it out on your favourite digital book story by clicking here .  The 24,000 word long story follows Tim's journey as he is first seduced by his female boss and then led into the world of wife-sharing as she sets her eyes on Tim's partner, Fran, targeting her as her next conquest. The story has themes of cuckolding, hotwifing, pregnancy and more - pick it up today - if you're into any of the above, I guarantee you'll love it.