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Access Denied is out NOW!

  After a long delay, 'Access Denied,' the fifth book in the Cuckold Collection series is out now! On Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. It's on sale for just £2.99 for this weekend only so grab yourself a bargain!

Hospital Sucks

Hey everyone, Just to keep you all informed that I had to cancel the Access Denied preorder due to being in hospital for all of June. The good news is that the book is done but won't meet the preorder deadline so I've instructed Amazon to do a full refund to all preorder customers and the book will simply appear for purchase on Amazon sometime around the expected date of June 14/15/16. I'm out of hospital now after suffering from the past few months with what I thought was a recurring back issue but which ended up being undiagnosed kidney stones and a renal cyst.  I'm still in no small amount of discomfort but hopefully, I'm now through the worst and with a bit of rest and another round of antibiotics and some follow-up care, I should be absolutely fine in the not-too-distant future. Apologies for the pre-order being pushed back and then cancelled but I hope you'll still buy the book when it comes out next week - and as partial recompense, it will be just £1.99