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Would you like yourself and your partner to feature in a book? Then read on...

Imagine a horny game where a number of couples are invited to an Italian villa for a unique holiday that they’ll never forget. Upon arriving, the couples are separated, the men going to one half of the complex and the women the other and from then on, they are only allowed to see each other for one hour each day. The game is described as being a test of relationships: to see if they can survive a week apart while being actually quite close together, however only the men know the real rules and what the competition truly entails. What the girls don’t know is that their half of the villa is covered in hidden cameras watching their every move as they are constantly bombarded by temptation in the forms of sexy strangers attempting to seduce them. These men are personally tailored by each husband’s given information on what his wife finds attractive, in order to truly test their wives’ resolve. In the male part of the complex, the husbands are watching together to see what happens. There ar

Ex-Appeal, first chapter preview

Ex Appeal By Paul Garland   A Cuckold Collection Novel All rights reserved by the Author. Contents copyright 2020 © Paul Garland and Cerulean Publishing Chapter 1 “This is so romantic,” Alexandria said to me and she was right. I wouldn’t consider myself the most romantic of men in the world, but here, walking along the Champs De Mars in Paris, the Eiffel Tower glowing ahead of us in the early evening sunlight, I could feel the fizzing energy in the air that could only be called romance. “It is,” I agreed, taking a step back for a moment to admire the view. The Champs De Mars was beautiful, a wide green space at the very heart of Paris, full of lovers, strolling along hand-in-hand, just like Alexandria and I. I let go of Alexandria’s hand for a moment and she turned around to see why. “You okay, Joe?” she smiled at me, dazzling me with that smile like she always did. Alexandria was beautiful, no one could dispute that. She was short and petite with a tight, slim body that drove me crazy

Size Matters is out now!

Size Matters, my new book from The Cuckold Collection is out NOW. Go buy it. It's good!

New book out next week plus my Amazon wishlist!

With my new book, 'Size Matters' about to go live any day now, I've been encouraged to share my Amazon wishlist with you. I've been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown financially, so if anyone is generous enough to buy me a gift off my list, here it is! Click Here For My Wishlist 'Size Matters' is out next week - on Amazon!