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Season's Greetings!

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd drop a little blog post to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) and that I'd like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Dates and details of new books are coming soon - I've been taking a little time off recently due to personal circumstances and the holiday season but I'll back to my usual output of blogposts and books soon. Until then, here's a naughty #cuckoldcaption I did for my Patreons recently - enjoy and enjoy a wonderful New Year's Eve tomorrow.

We're loving being a rescue cat family!

Adopting our first rescue cat and welcoming him into our family has been such a wonderful experience that we've decided to become a foster home for other rescue cats, looking after them temporarily until the charity can find them a new forever home. If anyone can help us out by buying a little bit from our Amazon wishlist, it would really help us set everything up that we need. The wishlist is here: Don't worry about buying something that someone else has already bought, once we no longer need the item, Amazon automatically remove it. Thank you in advance! News on new books coming VERY soon! Paul (and Bob and Tiny)

Meet Bob

On Monday this week, we adopted a cat from a local rescue. He's quite nervous and jumpy at the moment, but he's settling in gradually. I'm hoping a new pet will bring us a bit of joy at home after the dreadful last few months me and my family have been through. Say hi to Bob. He's handsome, isn't he? If you'd like to help us and Bob, feel free to buy him a treat from my Amazon Wishlist here: Bob's Wishlist Anything you buy gets deleted from the list and is sent to me anonymously, so don't worry about buying the same thing someone else has bought or your details being shared. I'd love it if anyone could help Bob settle in. News on my new books coming soon - did you see my new logo on Twitter the other day? If not, here it is. What do you think? It should give you a hint as the content of my next book :) Anyhow, just thought I'd keep you all updated. I hope you're all keeping well and avoiding the dread Covid (which I caught but am over now - a

My new book is out now!

Just a quick note to let you know that 'Hannah's Helping Hands' is out now on Amazon and most good digital eBook stores. It's slightly different from my usual stories, but I'll be going back to those topics in my next book, which I'll have news on VERY soon. Keep an eye out for that. In other news, I've been battling the dreaded covid.19 this week but the good news is that I seem to be through the worst of it today and will be knuckling back down to doing some writing this weekend. I hope you guys are all keeping well and managing (unlike me) to avoid the cursed bug.

My new cover reveal and an update

It's been a very bad month for me and my family, beset by several tragedies, the worst being a family close to us all passing away in tragic circumstances, then I've had a bout of ill health, followed by our little cat passing away. To top it all off, I've caught Covid and am currently working from my bed, coughing and spluttering but managing to power through. So, it makes me happy to reveal the cover of my next book... Hannah's Helping Hands. This book is slightly different to some of my previous stories, being a 'coming of age' type story with a naughty, slightly kinky twist to it. I hope you like it. It's available already on Smashwords and will be on Amazon from October 21 at the latest. Keep an eye out for it. If anyone wants to cheer me or family up, check out my Amazon Wishlist and feel free to buy me or my daughters a little gift but if not, don't worry - your support by buying my books is appreciated too.

I want your opinion!

  A new poll for you I've just run a poll on Twitter asking which of the Cuckold Collection books you'd like me to do a spin-off from. Here's the link:   I'd love your opinion. If you're not on Twitter, drop me a comment here instead!

Cleaning Up is out now! Only on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

My new book, 'Cleaning Up' is the sixth in The Cuckold Collection and was a heck of a lot of fun to write, as my books often are but this one was particularly great as it has a couple of new themes I've not touched on before. It's available right now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and remember, if you read it and enjoy it, please drop a review on there - it really helps with the visibility of the book on Amazon. Check it out here:

Cleaning Up Cover Reveal

 I'm proud to present the cover reveal for 'Cleaning Up,' the sixth book in the Cuckold Collection. Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited next week! I'll drop a post once it goes live. Hope you're all keeping safe and well! Paul

I now have an Amazon Storefront

Hey guys! I've now set up an Amazon Storefront, which has all of my books in one place on Amazon plus a selection of recommended other cuckold/hotwife books you might not have read. Anything you buy from the storefront earns me a little bit of commission, so it helps support me and encourages me to keep writing new books for you! Thanks for all your support and I hope you're all looking forward to 'Cleaning Up,' the next book from me, due in a couple of weeks. Paul

Lights, Camera, Action is OUT NOW!

  My new book, Lights, Camera, Action is OUT NOW on most digital eBook platforms. Check it out here: Let me know what you think! Blurb: When Karl discovers that his bride-to-be was indiscreet with the photographer at her pre-wedding boudoir shoot, his entire world is turned upside down. His fiancee, Jacqui, had somewhat of a reputation before they met but until this point, she'd always been faithful to him, saying her wild past was behind her. A confrontation with Jacqui's prudish older sister makes Karl and Jacqui realise that they face some harsh truths about what it takes to make a marriage work but as they step into a whole new world of self-discovery, will they survive the test that lays in front of them? Lights, Camera, Action is a spin-off from the popular No Angels Novel, 'The Photo Shoot' and a standalone story in its own right, but is also a direct sequel to 'The Camera Doesn't Lie' and 'Camera Shy', the fir

Just a deal that I couldn't help sharing

Just a heads up - Amazon are doing a really good deal at the moment for Disney+, the streaming service with all the brilliant Marvel series and Star Wars shows. If you sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited for $10, you get six months (yes, 6 months) of Disney+ for FREE! Even if you don't use the music unlimited thing (which I do anyway on our Echo at home) that means you're still saving at least $$$$$$ on your Disney+ subscription. 6 months of Disney+ for £9.99? Sign me up. Oh wait, I did! Click the link below to read more! (There really are no catches or anything. Just a good promo offer you might not be aware of.) Amazon Music: Six Months of Disney+

Help me out by deciding on my next big series!

Hey guys. I'm running a public poll to see what people would like to see in my next brand new series. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a look and cast your vote. Thanks! It's public and free to vote. You don't have to join Patreon or anything.

Keeping It In The Family is OUT NOW only on Ko-Fi or Smashwords.

Hey all, Just to let you know that my new book 'Keeping It In The Family' is now available only through Smashwords or my Ko-Fi page. Smashwords: Ko-Fi: Go check it out now! My next books will both be on Amazon, so don't worry - this one is just an outlier due to the 'near to the knuckle' content. More to follow soon!

A surprise for you all!

 Here's the surprise I mentioned the other week in my blog and tweets... 'Keeping it in the Family' won't be available on Amazon because of their strict content filters, but will be available THIS WEEK (as early as possibly tomorrow) on Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Kobo, Nook and iBooks. You can also buy a PDF copy direct from me from my Ko-Fi page, details of which I'll drop on my blog when it's live. Watch out for more news soon, including release dates for my next Cuckold Collection book and the final part of the Photographer's Secret Portfolio trilogy!

Access Denied - the forbidden chapters are now available!

My latest eBook, Access Denied, the fifth in the Cuckold Collection, had to undergo a major rewrite due to some of the content being deemed as too near to the knuckle for publication on Amazon. I managed to rework the book and we got there in the end but I felt the removed chapters were too much fun to leave on the cutting room floor. So... I licked them into shape, changing them from a midpoint sex scene to an epilogue piece which continues right from the end of the original book and I've published it on all the other eBook stores. Click the link above and choose your preferred store. It's only 99c for a 5,000 word long story which I promise will be worth the read! Of course, if you haven't read Access Denied yet, what are you waiting for! Click the images below for more information and keep an eye out for news on my next two books coming very soon! Regards, Paul

Access Denied is out NOW!

  After a long delay, 'Access Denied,' the fifth book in the Cuckold Collection series is out now! On Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. It's on sale for just £2.99 for this weekend only so grab yourself a bargain!

Hospital Sucks

Hey everyone, Just to keep you all informed that I had to cancel the Access Denied preorder due to being in hospital for all of June. The good news is that the book is done but won't meet the preorder deadline so I've instructed Amazon to do a full refund to all preorder customers and the book will simply appear for purchase on Amazon sometime around the expected date of June 14/15/16. I'm out of hospital now after suffering from the past few months with what I thought was a recurring back issue but which ended up being undiagnosed kidney stones and a renal cyst.  I'm still in no small amount of discomfort but hopefully, I'm now through the worst and with a bit of rest and another round of antibiotics and some follow-up care, I should be absolutely fine in the not-too-distant future. Apologies for the pre-order being pushed back and then cancelled but I hope you'll still buy the book when it comes out next week - and as partial recompense, it will be just £1.99

Access Denied is on it's way

Hey everyone, Apologies for the delays everyone but Amazon rejected the content of 'Access Denied' on the reason of me featuring the main character's father having a few scenes with the main character's wife. The scenes aren't incestuous or even close to being but there you go. So, I've got to replace those chapters and quite a bit of the narrative, hence me pushing the release date back to May 31st to give me plenty of time to get it sorted. I'm sorry about the slow progress - this book seems 'cursed' but I'll write a full blog-post on that when it's finally out. Hope you guys are all keeping safe and well,, Regards, Paul 

Camera Shy is OUT NOW!

It took a long time, with all the technical problems I had last month but the new books are coming through now - starting with 'Camera' Shy' - the second book in the 'Photographer's Secret Portfolio' series, which is a spin-off series from the popular No Angels Novel: The Photo Shoot. Here's the link... The third in the series is coming soon - plus 'Access Denied' - the 5th story in the Cuckold Chronicles. Watch out for more details on them very soon!

New books are coming!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologise for the delays on the new books but they ARE coming soon! My laptop crashed and died and while the local repair shop did their best to save it, it was terminal. Bye bye, laptop. You served me well for the last 5 years! Anyway, we got ourselves a new laptop and then our internet went down! One thing after another... But we're back up and running and writing and editing and the new books are done and in the pipeline for publication, so keep an eye out for them this week. I'll have an exact release date in the next couple of days. I hope your all keeping safe and well, Paul
Hey everyone, just to let you know I've pushed back the release dates for my next two books because of a few logistical problems (my laptop died) so Camera Shy will now be out March 18th and Access Denied on March 31st. Thanks for your patience, I promise the books are worth the wait! Coming soon...

The first 'Photo Shoot' spin-off book is out now!

My new book, 'The Camera Doesn't Lie' is out now! It's a 24k long novelette spin-off from the popular No Angels novel, 'The Photo Shoot' and one of the No Angels story series. It's out now on most digital eBook retailers. Check it out here:

My first new book of the year is OUT NOW!

So we finally got there! After what seemed to take forever, I finally managed to finish, edit and publish 'Locked Up,' my latest entry into the Cuckold Collection. I'm sorry it took SO long but hopefully, it'll be worth the wait! You can find it here:  on both Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Next up is 'The Camera Never Lies', a new 'No Angels' story which is a spin-off from 'The Photo Shoot' No Angels novel. It should be available next week! I'll announce it on here when it's live. I hope you all managed to get through January safely and look forward to hearing from some of you in my emails! Paul

Update time

My books have taken a little longer than usual to get out to you this month. Not only has homeschooling due to lockdown denied me some 'writing time' but Locked Up : the next book in The Cuckold Collection has turned out to be my longest book yet - over 60,000 words long. It's almost finished the editing process though and should be out in the next week and then following closely behind will be my first spin-off from the popular No Angels novel: The Photo Shoot.  That book is called The Camera Doesn't Lie  and is a 20,000 word long novelette which I'm sure fans of the original will love. Thanks for your patience and once the books go live, I'll announce it on here, Twitter and all my other usual social media channels. I hope you're all keeping safe and well through the pandemic and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon! Paul