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Hey everyone, I hope you're all okay and that the couples amongst you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day. I wanted to let you know that I'm now also publishing on Medium, the article and writing website. What is Medium? Well, anyone can write on Medium. Thought-leaders, journalists, experts, and individuals with unique perspectives share their thinking there. You’ll find pieces by independent writers from around the globe, stories we feature and leading authors, and smart takes on their own suite of blogs and publication.  I'll be writing articles on there about cuckolding, takes on the hotwife lifestyle and more. Alongside that, I'll be publishing some short stories and multi-part stories, including some of the books I've already written but some exclusive to Medium too. It'd really help me if you could have a look and subscribe to my profile. It's totally free and hopefully, you'll find my stuff on there interesting, fun, enlightening and arous