Help me get nominated for next year's Golden Pigtails awards!

I was interested to learn about the 'Golden Pigtails Awards' this week; a small online celebration of all things smut and noticed that they have a category for best cuckolding/hotwife novel.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a mention, so do me a favour and email or tweet at the organiser and tell her about me! I'll copy the link in below and perhaps I'll get a nomination next year!

The books nominated this year are:

The “Wanna Watch?” Award for Cuckold/Hotwife Erotica

I thought it'd be fun to share these with you guys because you might just discover a new author that you enjoy.

The link to the full awards and categories is here:

You can also check out the organiser, AlexaSommers on Twitter @AlexaSommers and let her know about me if you think I'm worthy of a nomination next year!

Anyway, back to writing for me. I hope you guys are all having a great day!



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