Just a quick update... 'Great Lengths' is still my next book but it's now a two-parter. Part 1 will be out hopefully next week sometime, with part 2 following a couple of weeks after that.

After that, Kelly takes centre stage in the second Holiday Hotwives book, 'Kelly: Takes Two To Tango.'

Until then, you can follow my serial story, 'The One That Got Away... Until He Didn't' on Medium. We're up to part 5 now, with a new part every week. Check the first part out for free here.

Future books include another 'Size Queen Story' and the third Holiday Hotwives book, both currently untitled but I'll update later in the year on those. I already have strong outlines written for them and can't wait to write them.

Writing has been slow on the erotica front because of developments in my vanilla writing career but we're getting to where I want to be now, so keep an eye out for more books and updates coming soon!

I hope you're all keeping well,



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